A demarcation, border, or limit. The boundary or line of division between two estates. Person's trade, occupation or business. Carrier's route.
See also building line.
- collateral line (See also descent)
- direct line (See also descent)
@ line by line budget
A detailed itemization of all expenditures by budget line. Block v. Sprague, Sup., 24 N.Y.S.2d 245, 247
@ line of an intersection
A straight line substantially at right angles to bounds of highway at a point where, to the reasonable perception of a driver, the highway starts to widen as the result of the outcurving of its bounds to form the junction. Beck v. Sosnowitz, 125 Conn. 553, 7 A.2d 389, 391
@ line of credit
A margin or fixed limit of credit granted by one to another, typically from bank, retailer, or credit card issuer to customer, to the full extent of which the latter may avail himself in his dealings with the former, but which he must not exceed; usually intended to cover a series of transactions, in which case, when the customer's line of credit is nearly or quite exhausted, he is expected to reduce his indebtedness by payments before drawing upon it further. Modoc Meat & Cattle Co. v. First State Bank of Oregon, 271 Or. 276, 532 P.2d 21, 25.
The maximum borrowing power (i.e. credit limit) of a person from a financial institution, credit card issuer, or the like. Agreement with bank or number of banks for short-term borrowings on demand
See also credit line
- line.
@ line of duty
In military law and usage, an act is said to be done, or an injury sustained, "in the line of duty," when done or suffered in the performance or discharge of a duty incumbent upon the individual in his character as a member of the military or naval forces. An injury suffered or disease contracted by a sailor is considered to have been in "line of duty" unless actually caused by something for which sailor is responsible which intervenes between his performance of duty and the injury or disease. Meyer v. Dollar S. S. Line, C.C.A.Wash., 49 F.2d 1002, 1003.
Phrase in Federal Tort Claims Act, as applicable to military and naval personnel, has no broader significance than "scope of employment" as used in master and servant cases. State of Md., to Use of Bennus v. U.S., D.C.Pa., 221 F.Supp. 740, 743
@ line of ordinary high tide
Ordinary high tide may, for practical purposes, within a restricted area, be conceived as a level plane; the "line of ordinary high tide" is the intersection of said plane with the surface of the land. Swarzwald v. Cooley, 39 Cal.App.2d 306, 103 P.2d 580, 584.
See tide.
- maternal line
- paternal line.

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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